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Following is the Registry of Grandmasters, Masters and Black Belts affiliated with the Federation. 

Registry is in alphabetical order.

For entry into the Registry, download the Registry Form below (Word and PDF versions provided) and email to Jose Rivera, site administrator, at

For updates to the Registry, use the CONTACT icon/button and provide the update requested or email to Jose Rivera, site administrator, at .

Master Inge Gammelli, 4th Dan, Norway,  (1981-Present)

Master Inge Gammelli started practicing WTF Tae Kwon Do at the age of 10 in Nes Tae Kwon Do Club. Later he joined Ullensaker Tae Kwon Do Club, and as a junior he trained with Tøyen Tae Kwon Do Club and Nedre Romerike Tae Kwon Do Club. At the age of 17 he joined Øvre Romerike Budo Center (ØRBS). Two years later, he formed a new club with Ken Holler: Bøn Elite Tae Kwon Do Club. One year later, he returned to ØRBS where he has stayed ever since.


From the age of 13 until he was 27, Master  Gammelli competed at both National and International levels as a member of the Norwegian National WTF Tae Kwon Do Team. He won the Norwegian Cup, and he received a silver medal from the Nordic Championship. He also finished second in the Danish Open.


From 2006 to 2013 Master Gammelli was head instructor for the WTF group at ØRBS, and was head instructor for the traditional Budo Classes at ØRBS from 2013 to 2017. He has been the main coach for several athletes on the National Team, among them Tina Røe Skaar, who competed in the 2016 Olympic Games.

Master Gammelli received his black belt in 2008, and was promoted to 4th Dan on August 2016.


Grandmaster Stanley Heath, 8th Dan, Connecticut, USA,  (19??-Present)

GM Heath has been working in Information Technolo­gies for nearly 33 years in an ever evolving career that has transitioned through all facets of systems/ software analysis, design, development and applica­tion support. The discipline of his martial arts train ing, gave him the focus to adapt to a continually changing IT culture.


As a youth and teenager, GM Heath was intrigued watching first the tv show,"Kung Fu" and then martial arts movies. As he grew older he had the under­ standing that the movies tended to show mostly flashy and unpractical sides of the martial arts but his desire and curiosity still grew, also aware of the need to protect himself. His close friend and neigh­bor told GM Heath of a martial arts school that he had previously trained at and was thinking about going back. This was the motivation GM Heath needed and even though the distance was far and he and his friend had to walk several miles to study, in 1974, he had his first taste of formal martial arts train­ing in the style Jiu Jitsu under Sensei Dallman Sailor, at Sailor's Academy of Self Defense in Hartford CT. After earning a yellow belt, he was forced to stop his formal training because the weather was getting too cold to walk that far home in the winter.


Shortly after graduating from High School, another close friend infected GM Heath with his enthusiasm about his instructor, Grandmaster Charles Graham's  Style who  at that time, was teaching a class in Tae Kwon Do Moo Duk Kwan USA. (Korean Karate), and invited GM Heath to come to a class. He hesitantly agreed thinking that it will take time getting used to a white uniform and 42 years later at the age of 59, GM Heath achieved the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt in Amer­ ican in Tae Kwon Do Moo Duk Kwan under instruc­ tor/founder Grandmaster Charles Graham.   During that time, not only had GM Heath found a new instruc­tor, but in GM Charles Graham, a lifelong friend and mentor with whom he spent a lot of time with travel­ing around, visiting sister schools,  attending  test­ings, tournaments and supporting the  organization as needed.


During his martial arts journey, after having re­ceived his 1st Kup Red Belt and was one of two se­nior ranking students, his instructor GM Charles Graham relocated back to New Jersey delegating GM Heath to continue instructing classes along with the other red belt. They would travel religiously to New Jersey on a monthly basis to continue their training and guidance. In 1981, Stanley tested and achieved his 1st Degree Black Belt.


Throughout the years, GM Heath has cross trained with various martial artists in other disciplines to enhance his knowledge and skills. He had the opportunity to travel to Norway to train and instruct at the branch school there, not to mention the branch schools in New Jersey, New York, Maryland and North Carolina. He had the priv­ilege to meet Grandmaster Eugene Perceval, Founder of his original system (Tae Kwon Do Moo Duk Kwan USA), Grandmaster Forrest Blair who was the instructor of Grandmaster Charles Graham, as well as the other prestigious Grandmasters, Masters and instructors from his organization that were students of Grandmaster Charles Graham and Grandmaster Eugene Perceval.


His most notable accomplishments are his students that he instructed and promoted to black belts, many today are very successful in business which makes Stanley very proud. He is in touch with most, bounded for life through the common experience that were endured during training. His other accom­plishments are; instructing classes at the Jewish Community Center, West Hartford YMCA and Elmwood Community Center. He also taught at the Hartford Insurance Group in Hartford, CT for several years, leaving the class in the capable hands of some very talented black belt students. He has also partnered with West Hartford Safety Officer to in·struct the Self-Defense portion of the Women Safety and Awareness Seminar.


Grandmaster Stanley Heath is currently one of the senior members of the board of directors for the Ameri·can Moo Duk Federation.


Master Ken Holter, 4th Dan, Norway,  (1976-Present)

Master Ken Holter started practicing Tae Kwon Do with Tor Kristian Løntjern at the Eidsvoll Tae Kwon Do Club in 1987.  In 1991 he started training with Pal-Erik Ruud in Eidsvoll Freestyle Club, which was the predecessor of Øvre  Romerike Budo  Center  (ØRBS).  He has been chairman of ØRBS and also head instructor. He also initiated the classes for WTF Tae Kwon Do at ØRBS.  In addition to practicing TaeKwon Do, Master Holter has belts in both kickboxing and Krav Maga. Master Holter was promoted to 4th Dan in August 2016.


As an athlete, Master Holter competed on the Norwegian National WTF Team from 1996 to 2004, and participated in more than 300 competitions. He won the silver medal in the European Championship in 1998, 2002, and 2004. He has been both Norwegian and Nordic Champion three times.  During this time he earned the nickname Bigfoot.


Master Holter founded the Tae Kwon Do Group in Lauvåsen IF in Kristiansand, and the former Bøn Elite Tae Kwon Do Club. He is a member of the Nordic Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do Alliance where he has the Regional responsibility for Dan Development and the National responsibility for competition development. He is the  man behind Bigfoot Fighting where he is  the sports director.


Grandmaster Michael Lawrence, 8th Dan, ??, USA,  (19??-Present)

Grandmaster Michael Lawrence began his martial arts training in 1974 at the age of fifteen in TangSoo Do Moo Duk Kwan, at Shin Karate Institute. In 1980, a co-worker mentioned Charles Graham and invited GM Michael to train with their class.  GM Michael took him up on the invitation and he was so impressed with the students and the knowledge of Grandmaster Charles Graham that he humbly requested to become his student.


On January of 1985, GM Michael earned his Black Belt in American Tae Kwon Do Moo Duk Kwan. Throughout the years he competed in Korean, Japanese and Open Circuit Tournaments to gain experience and the exposure to other Martial Artists, Styles and System. He also promoted & sponsored many tournaments. Over the past 40 years, Grandmaster Lawrence has also cross trained in Norwegian Kung Fu, Aikido, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Modern Amis, PR 24 and had the opportunity to train with a relative of Gichen Funakoshi.


On November 2015 Grandmaster Lawrence received his 8th Degree Black Belt from Grandmaster Charles Graham and was appointed as a senior member on the Board of Director of the American Moo Duk Kwan Federation.


For the past 32 years, Grandmaster Lawrence has supported the community by instructing Martial Arts Programs to Law Enforcement Officers, Self Defense Classes for Women Programs, Realtor Associations and to the Public. In addition, he has been instructing and offers martial arts instruction that is affordable and therefore available for many families to have the opportunity to train. Grandmaster Lawrence has been offering Martial Art Programs to children across several school districts and is open to teens & adults.


Grandmaster Lawrence's passion and dedication to the martial arts is demonstrated in his willingness to share his knowledge and training. He fosters respect, discipline and holds his students to high expectations and teaches a rigorous program. His knowledge of the different learning styles among his students allows him to differentiate instruction, discipline, and encouragement to meet the unique needs of his students. Grandmaster Lawrence has worked with children with special needs.  It's a continuing learning experience for him to understand their strengths and daily struggles so that he may support the child's learning and making adjustments in his delivery of instructions.


Grandmaster Lawrence retired after 30 years of service for McMaster Supply and is currently employed by Princeton University.


In all he has done and accomplished in the martial arts, Grandmaster Lawrence is grateful to his instructor, confidant, and friend, Grandmaster Charles Graham.


Grandmaster Joe Martin, 8th Dan, North Carolina, USA,  (19??-Present)

Grandmaster Joe Martin has been training since 1986 in the American Tae Kwon Do Moo Duk Kwan System and achieved his 8th Degree Black Belt by Grandmaster Charles Graham in 2015. Grandmaster Martin is a Member of the Executive Board of Director on the American Moo Duk Kwan Federation.

As a previous owner and instructor of 3 karate schools in New Jersey and Maryland, Grandmaster Martin has trained and promoted over 35 blackbelts. As a competitor, he has won multiple Weapons and Forms competition and secured a North American Kickboxing Federation Championship Title. Grandmaster Martin also served as a coach of youth world and multiple National Karate Champions. All members of his National Youth Karate Team, "Team Katana" were rated in the top 5 in United States in Weapons, Sparring and Forms in NASKA  and the PKL from 1992 through 1995.

Joe Martin attended Jacksonville and Florida State Universities and served in the US Army for six years as a Military Policeman, and was a member of the 193rd Infantry Brigade Army Boxing Team.

Grandmaster Martin has recently retired after 37 years of service from the Department of Defense as an Antiterrorism/ Force Protection Specialist.


During his employment with the Department of Defense, he was a Certified Instructor for Defense Tactics and Intermediate PR-24 Police Baton, where he has trained and certified over 200 security and police officers in Department of Defense, Easthampton and East Hanover New Jersey police departments. During his spare time he participated and is a finisher of multiple triathlons and Ironman competitions. He also worked as a part-time Fitness Instructor for World's Gym in Leonardtown, Md.

Currently, Grandmaster Joe Martin operates his own TRX Personal Training and Fitness Services and Instructs Martial Arts at his son's Karate Training Center, Goldsboro Elite Athletics in Goldsboro, North Carolina.


Master David Nymoen, 5th Dan, Norway,  (1980-Present)

Master  Nymoen started practicing American Tae Kwon Do Moo Duk Kwan at Øvre Romerike Budosenter in 1992 .


In 1997 he received his black belt and in 2016 he was promoted to 5th Dan.


During the 90s he competed in WTF Tae Kwon Do. His specialty is the traditional Budo Arts and Self-defense. He has been an instructor since the mid 90s and has also been the head instructor of the school. He is currently a member of the Club's Executive Board.


Grandmaster Pal-Erik Ruud, 8th Dan, Norway,  (19??-Present)

GM Ruud is  married, has three (3) Children, and is also Founder and CEO Verge Training, Inc


He began training in 1981, and has practiced martial arts daily either physically or mentally since that time. In 1986 GM Ruud achieved 1st Dan Black Belt under Grandmaster Charles Graham & then opened his first school. This school was professionalized in 1992 when he started teaching full time. At the same time, he founded his professional training business offering specialized training to  different professions. He taught 2-3 martial arts classes each night 5 days a week until 1997. During this period, he also taught kickboxing.


Since 1997, GM Ruud has spent most of his time developing professional programs serving different professions including military, police, social services, schools etc. He has developed and changed many of the traditional martial art and self-defense techniques to better serve different needs and professions. GM Ruud has taught more than 2500 professional training days including more than 40,000 participants since 1992.


The American Moo Duk Kwan school he started in 1986, is still open and includes 4 other schools started by other black belts. Our original school had 305 students in 2016, and we have approximately 500 students in Norway.


GM Ruud states, "I have studied martial arts in a modern-day context. My greatest contribution is to objectively evaluate and be open-minded to change. I have studied modern science and psychology and included this in my martial arts.  I have never trained martial arts as a sport. To me martial arts is a tool to build confidence, safety and security in life. It is a philosophy and art affecting our physical and  mental state.  I have passed this philosophy on to my students, black belts and customers. I have spent my whole adult life helping others by teaching. That is who I am and that is what I do."

In 2015, GM Ruud received his 8th Degree Black Belt from his instructor Grandmaster Charles Graham and was appointed as a member on the Board of Directors, American Moo Duk Kwan Federation.


Martial Art /  Relevant background

 Ni Dan Goshin Jitsu Muteryu -  Jinenryu/Personal Protection - Shian  Bo F. Munthe  - 1995

Aikido Oslo/Berlin - 1990 - 1991

Judo - 1989 - 1990

Kobudo - 1989 - 2017


Gerth Paul Scerri, 3rd Dan, Norway,  (1977-Present)


Mr. Scérri began his Martial Arts training in 1987 at the age of 10 in Judo until he was 16 years old in the Hardanger Judo Club.


He expressed the interest in learning more in the martial arts and self-defense, so he began training in Tai Chi for 2 years. Then cross training in kickboxing for 2 years before he started training in the Vågen Taekwondo Club under Master Roar Kristoffersen (6th Dan) and Grand Master Cho (9th Dan).

From 2005 to 2007 he was an assistant instructor at the Vågen Taekwondo Club and was part of the Fight Team before moving to Kristiansand.  After searching for a club he could enjoy training in, he enrolled in Krav Maga for several years.

In 2016 Mr. Scerri founded the  American Tae Kwon Do Moo Duk Kwan club (Lauvåsen IF Taekwondo) with Master Ken Holter.  Master Ken Holter and Mr. Scerri separated teams in 2018 and today they each run their own clubs.


Mr. Scerri is now Head Instructor at Lauvåsen Taekwondo and has Grand Master Pål-Erik`s student; Master Anders Kittelsen 5th Dan, as a teacher. He changed the name at the club to Lauvåsen Martial Arts in 2020.  Lauvåsen Martial Arts has 2 club in Kristiansand, South Norway and 110 student.

From the age of 11 until he was 30, Mr. Scerri competed nationally and has medals from several national championships such as the Norway Championship, West Coast Championship, and other Regional Championships.


Sensei Scerri was promoted to 3rd Dan in March 2021.


Master Ray Thomann, 7th Dan, USA


Master Thomann has trained and taught in the martial arts since 1976. Currently, he holds the ranks of 7th Dan from Grandmaster Charles Graham of the American Moo Duk Kwan Federation and 8th Dan from Grandmaster Emeritus Ja-mes Bethel and Grandmaster Jeffrey Lewis of the American Order of Combat – BUDOKWAN. Ray has been inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame (2002) and the Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society Hall of Fame (2017).

Master Thomann is a Christian, husband and father. He’s a recognized leader and expert in the fields of personal safety, defensive tactics and martial arts. Currently, he leads the American Order of Combat – BUDOKWAN alongside Grandmaster Jeffrey Lewis. Ray’s mission is to utilize his training, certifications and experience to equip students with the necessary skill-sets that will allow them to develop an effective personal safety plan and strategy. His programs and training courses are intended to instill the “I will not be a victim”mindset and lead people down a path to that will allow them to take responsibility for their own personal safety.

His extensive training and work related experience has allowed him to create highly effective and proven programs. These programs enhance one’s situational awareness and overall ability to protect themselves. His work experience includes executive protection services and training, certified NJ police officer, NJ PTC police academy instructor, chief field training officer, and in the leadership role of an acting police chief. He has also served in the capacity of chief security and safety specialist for Osceola County School District.

Ray wrestled professionally under the name “Officer Pain.” He began his training at the Monster Factory in Paulsboro, NJ under wrestling legend ‘Pretty Boy’ Larry Sharpe (WWF). After a few months, he connected with legendary WWF star ‘Iron’ Mike Sharpe who trained him exclusively at his Asbury Park pro wrestling school. Ray also spent time training under ‘The American Badboy’ Eric Barada of the Guatemalan and South American Pro Wrestling Circuit. Ray’s wrestled in both the independent leagues and with the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) under promoter and president Dennis Carluzzo. He’s held the Iron Man Heavyweight Championship Title and has been featured on promotions with stars from the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE), World Championship Wrestling (WCW), National Wrestling Alliance, and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). This experience has led to him working and training with many recognized experts and leaders in the fighting arts and defensive tactics fields.

Master Ray has appeared internationally on radio, television and internet. He’s hosted a national radio and television show that was also broadcasted to over 88 nations on the web. He’s the author of “Seven Days to a Safer You,” and producer of the “Be Ready” DVD/CD series.


Grandmaster Bobbie Wade, 8th Dan, ??, USA,  (1961-Present)


In 1974, at the age of 13, Grandmaster Bobbie Wade  started studying the Mart i al Art under his eldest brother, Grandmaster J. Q. Wade Jr. in TaeKwonDo-MooDukKwan USA. He is the youngest of three brothers who have also achieved the Grandmaster Rank in the Martial Art. In 1978, he achieved his Red Bel t - Shosei, Instructor 1st level in the "The Hard  Soft System" American Freestyle Karate . In 1981, he achieved his Red / Black Belt - Sensei, Teacher 2nd level "The Hard-Soft System, 1st Dan in TaeKwonDo-MooDukKwan USA and 1st Dan in American Tae Kwon Do Moo Duk Kwan. In 1987, GM Bobbie Wade achieved his White St ripe Black Bel t White Cup Left Side Sensei, Teacher, 3rd  level "The Hard  Soft System".  In  1993, he achieved his White Stripe Black Belt White Cup Both Sides - Sensei, Senior Teacher 4th leve l "The Har d  Sof t System." In 2001, he achieved his  White/Black  Belt - Shihan Sensei, Master Teacher 5th level "The Hard Soft System”.  In 2007, he achieved his White/ Black Belt Shihan Sensei, Master Teacher 6th level "The Hard Soft System”.  In 2010, GM Wade was recognized as a Chi-Dan, 7th Degree Black Belt in SongDo Kwan KongSooDo under Grandmaster John Crudup.  In 2013, GM Bobbie Wade had achieved his Black over White Belt - Honcho Sensei, Head Master Teacher 7th level "The Hard· Soft System" American Freestyle Karate.  Before the closing of Martial Art Training Center from 1980-1995, GM Bobbie was one of the chief instructors of the training center which was located in Glassboro, Sicklerville, and Hammonton, NJ.


During his 43 years of training, Grandmaster Wade has won countless championship titles in Forms and Sparring. From 1984 to 2017, he was one of the top rated Forms and Sparring Champions, regionally and nationally.  He was ranked 5th in Region 12,  Black Belt  Fighting by Karate Illustrated; 3rd Nationally, Black Belt Fighting and 4th Nationally, Black Belt Forms by the Professional Karate League; 1st Mid Atlantic, Forms and Fighting by the National Black Belt League; 1st Regionally, Black Belt Senior Kata and Sparring by the US TaeKwonDo Union, Michigan; and 1st Black Belt 50+ Sparring and 2nd Black Belt Executive Forms by the United Martial Arts Refrees Association. In 2001, he competed in the World Police and Fire Games, winning a Gold Medal in the Karate/Black Masters 65K  Division.


From 1994 to 2017, Grandmaster Wade joined the ranks as a US Postal Inspector. During his illustrious career he obtained Threat Management certifications in: Defensive Tactics Instructor Trainer and Ground Avoidance Ground Escape Instructor Trainer by Human Factor Research Group/ Pressure Point Control Tactics; Firearms Instructor;  Officer Survival  Instructor/Warrant Services and Building Entry.  From 1998 to 2017, he instructed and certified US Postal Inspectors, Postal Police Officers, Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Officers in the various Threat Management disciplines.


Grandmaster Bobbie Wade has been a member of the United States Freestyle Karate Federation and board member; United Martial Art Referee Association and Team USA, The Elite Fighting Force National Competition and Demonstration Team.  Grandmaster Wade was inducted into the American & Asian Hall of Fame, the Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society, and the ACKKS “Line Up of Masters."


Grandmaster/Coach, Johnnie Q.(JQ) Wade, Jr.,  Kocho Sensei, 8th Dan, ??, USA,  (1953-Present)


Grandmaster, Kocho Sensei Wade has spent most of his life in the martial arts, having a father that was a military hand-to-hand, firearms and survival combat specialist, and a Japanese mother that trained in Kendo and karate as a child.  Both parents passed on their training and knowledge to the their eldest son at an early age.

The eldest of 6 brothers and sisters, all have reached the black belt levels except for one. At the age of 7 while living in Germany, Kocho Sensei JQ on his way home from one of his practices had a revelation that his life's journey and calling was to be a guide and teacher to anyone wanting to improve their mind, body, health and athletic abilities. From that day on he never questioned nor strayed from the calling. He participate in many different sports at the highest levels all the while honing his skills, abilities and athleticism to pass on to others.  He coached some of the world's strongest powerlifters, runners and cyclists of every level. His greatest love is his teaching and coaching of the martial arts! It is here he can completely fulfill his calling in teaching and improving the: mind, body, health, athletic skills and  spirit.

Grandmaster JQ Wade, Jr., has a storied career in the Martial Arts Tournament circuits, including achieving one of the highest honors on the National competition circuit: rated # I in the Weapons, Forms and Fighting Divisions all in the same year



Glassboro State College/Rowan University, 1972-1977 Bachelor Degree-  Health/Physical  Education

Concentration Studies -  Philosophy/Religion; Sociology and Psychology


Post College Studies:

Human Behavior Behavior Modification, Sport Specific Strength Training

Nutrition and Dietary Principles Endurance Athlete Training Weight Control and Principles

Vitamins and Supplements Management Elite Athletic Training

Athletic Training Injury Prevention Athletic Injury and Rehabilitation Natural Foods for Better Health


Health, Fitness, Body Building and Powerlifting Gym Owner: Glassboro, NJ 1979-1988

Sicklerville, NJ 1988-1991

Hammonton, NJ 1991-1994

South Jersey Powerlifting Championships, Director: 1980-1989 Battle of the East Powerlifting Championships, Director: 1983-1988 (top 5 USA largest powerlifting championships during its run)

AAU Powerlifting National Referee USPF National Referee

Rock It Riders, road bicycle riding club South Jersey; Director 2009- current

Road cycling- race and group training, road safety and bicycle handling skills, group leadership training and route planning


Grandmaster Roy Wade, 8th Dan, ??, USA,  (1957-Present)


Grandmaster Roy Wade began his Martial Arts  training early in 1972 at the age of 14, in Tae Kwon Do Moo Duk Kwan USA under the guidance of Grandmaster Charles Graham in Pemberton, New Jersey. In the fall of 1972, Roy also began training with his elder brother Grandmaster Johnnie Q. Wade, Jr, when he opened his karate club at Glassboro State College.


From the time GM Roy was an under belt, he was exposed to Martial Art disciples of many styles, system and countries. This exposure allowed him to train with many of the icon practitioners of the 40's, 50's, 60's& 70's.The know ledge and wisdom learned through this exposure, advanced his skills and refined him into the martial artist he is today.  This early journey developed a strong foundation of philosophical views as well as experiencing the technical differences and similarities of the Martial Arts.  In addition to traveling to different schools in the early days, GM Roy was also exposed to many different martial arts from competing and traveling with his  elder brother Grandmaster JQ Wade throughout the Greater East  Cost Karate competition circuits (Okinawan Karate, Japanese Karate, Tang Soo Do/Tae Kwon Do, AAU and Open Freestyle) which also included clinics & seminars. GM Roy was a top rated competitor for over two decades in Forms and Fighting locally, regionally and nationally on the East Coast Karate competition circuits for winning countless Championships and Grand Championship Titles.


Grandmaster Roy Wade instructed Self Defense Seminars for the Military Officer's Recruits, Self Defense & Awareness Programs for Women, Youth Bully Programs, Youth & Teen Assault Awareness & Prevention Programs, as well as Leadership & Behavior Development Training & Positive Behavior Seminars.  GM Roy has also instructed Private, Semi-Private and Group Classes for Self Defense & Conditioning, Point Fighting and Form Clinics, Tournament Preparation, and Tournament Rules & Regulations/Officiating Clinics.  


In 2014, he retired from the United States Department of Justice as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer with over 20 years of service. During his employment with the DOJ, GM Roy was a certified Lead Self Defense Instructor for over 12 years & was responsible for the officers & staff annual recertification.  He was also a member of the Disturbance Control Team (OCT) for over 6 years and is a certified Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT) Instructor.  Since 1997 to present, Certified Personal Trainer, and Endurance Training Specialist & Fitness Training Specialist (NFPT 2017). 


GM Roy Wade has five (5) siblings, three(3) sisters and two (2) brothers. His three sisters trained in the Martial Arts for many years. One sister followed her brothers onto the Karate tournament circuits. She was rated # I in the Women's Weapons, Forms and Fighting Divisions Locally, Regionally and Nationally in the East Coast competition circuits. His two brothers are currently active. ln 1968, Grandmaster JQ Wade, Jr., continued his training in the Martial Arts in Ft. Dix, New Jersey. He is the founder of the School of "The Hard­ Soft System," American Freestyle Karate. Grandmaster JQ Wade, Jr., has achieved one of the highest honors on the National competition circuit: rated # I in the Weapons, Forms and Fighting Divisions all in the same year.  Roy's younger brother, Grandmaster Bobbie Wade began training in the Martial Arts in 1974. He was also nationally rated as a top competitor in Forms & Fighting on the Local, Regional & National competition circuits.


At the ripe age of 60 years, Grandmaster Roy is still impressively competing and still improving. He is continuously learning to refine his techniques that will allow him to continue practicing and instructing at this high level.


Master Anders Kittelsen, 5th Dan, Norway, (1986 - Present)


Master Anders Kittelsen started training in Tae Kwon Do with Grand Master Pål-Erik Ruud as a little boy in Eidsvoll Freestyle Club, which was the predecessor of Øvre Romerike Budosenter (ØRBS). He was a board member of ØRBS for many years, as well as the head instructor and curriculum lead.

Master Anders Kittelsen was promoted to 5th Dan on 21. August 2016.

As an athlete, Master Anders Kittelsen joined the national team when he was 14 years old (youngest national team athlete in Norway). He was a national team member from 1997 to 2001.  He has more than 40 national team competitions and has several achievements such as Nordic Champion, silver and gold, Norwegian champion and Regional champion, gold and silver.


Master Anders Kittelsen is currently active and has collections for black belts and coaches in ØRBS, as well as being active Master of Lauvåsen Martial Arts where he has curriculum collections, kata collections, gradations and other professional collections for the club.

Master Jose Rivera, 5th Dan, Hatillo Puerto Rico, (1960 - Present)


Master Jose Rivera first began training in Martial Arts in Isshin Ryu Karate as a teenager in the early 1970s at the Parker Memorial Center in Hartford, CT.  He later studied under Sifu Ron Lavelle, in the White Lotus Kung Fu system.  In the mid 1980s, Master Rivera studied Green Dragon Kung Fu under the late Master Ed Hampton, a top student of GGM S.L. Martin, head of the Green Dragon system as well as a student of GGM Manuel Agrella of the Praying Mantis system.  To this day, Master Rivera remembers the late Master Hampton as the most skilled martial artist he has trained under and someone who definitely left this earth much too young.


In the late 1980's, while working at The Hartford Insurance Group, he met Grand Master Stanley Heath who was also working there and had started an after work martial arts club.  Master Rivera began training under GM Heath there as well as at another club GM Heath had started at the West Hartford YMCA. 

In 1992 Master Rivera was awarded 1st Dan in American Moo Duk Kwan by Sr Grand Master Charles Graham and GM Heath.

In 1998 Master Rivera relocated to Texas and stopped training for a number of years until he returned back to Connecticut years later.


In 2014, he started training under GM Joel Waldron in Daehanmoodo at the Academy of Martial Arts and Personal Development in Manchester, CT.  

In 2018, he was awarded 1st Dan in Daehanmoodo by GM Joel Waldron.

In 2018 he started training in Traditional Wing Chun under Sifu Dave Gallo in Berlin CT.

in 2019, he was awarded 5th Dan in American Moo Duk Kwan by SGM Graham and GM Heath.

in 2020, Master Rivera relocated to his native island of birth, Puerto Rico and is currently continuing his Wing Chun training under Sifu Lee Ga Jing.


Kent Andre Andersen, 2nd Dan, Norway, (1974 - Present)


Mr. Andersen began his Martial Arts training when living in Kongsvinger in 1989 at the age of 15.

His first MA was Karate (Nanbudo/Sankukai) and he attended several seminars held by the founder of Nanbudo, Doshu Soke Yoshinao Nanbu (1943 – 2020).  After 3 years of training, he converted to Taekwondo (WTF) under the guidance from GM Sigvald Martinsen, head coach of Nordic Taekwondo and Hapkido Alliance.


During his compulsory military service, he trained in boxing and after ending his service he went on to kickboxing for a couple of years. In 1998 he enrolled in the Norwegian UN Peace keeping force in Lebanon for one period (6 month). During this time he trained close combat/self-defense regularly. After the UN service he went back to training in Taekwondo, Kickboxing and Karate.

In 2006, Mr. Andersen moved from Kongsvinger to Kristiansand where he began training in Karate (Shorin-Ryu), some submission wrestling and kickboxing.


From 2012 to 2017, he did not train so much MA anymore, he was also suffering from a shoulder injury, which kept him away from Martial Arts training during this period.

In 2018, Mr. Andersen once again wanted to pick up the Martial Arts training and came across the Lauvåsen Taekwondo club (now Lauvåsen Martial Arts). After checking with his previous GM in Taekwondo, confirming this club and its instructors where legit, he began training here. Since he already held a higher student rank in TKD (2nd Cup) he became a natural senior student quickly.


In the summer of 2019, he went to the yearly graduation camp held by Øvre Romerike Budosenter and after 4 exhausting and painful hours, he graduated to 1st Dan.


Today Kent André is a member of the trainer team at Lauvåsen Martial Arts and is leading his own group of young beginners at his homeplace in Flekkerøy, which is a small island community in Kristiansand.

Mr. Andersen was promoted to 2nd Dan in March of 2021.

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